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  • Damaged clubs decrease the consistency of your game (by adding strokes).
  • The Golf Cradle is an inexpensive and intelligent solution.
  • The Golf Cradle unequivocally prevents damage to your clubs by safely securing and suspending them off the vehicle floor, eliminating any impact and damage whatsoever.

The Golf Cradle is a great way to look after your clubs while transporting them in your car. It is simple but effective.

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The Golf Cradle: Protects your clubs during transportation, to and from the golf course.

You love golf. You spare no cost when it comes to your equipment; Titanium Drivers, Cavity Back Irons, etc. If it can save you strokes, it’s in your bag. Considering how much you invest in your clubs, shouldn’t you be doing everything you can to protect them? The Golf Cradle is a breakthrough golf club protector designed to safeguard your clubs as you transport them to and from the golf course.

Once placed in the trunk of your car or the back of your SUV, the Golf Cradle elevates the open-end of your bag, suspending it (and the clubs) off the vehicle floor and locks it in place. This protection prevents your clubs from sliding and impacting against each other as you drive; thereby eliminating the chance of head and shaft damage. So, your valuable equipment performs at its best - round after round.

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The Golf Cradle is easily one of the two or three best golf accessories I've ever seen....and it works perfectly. The Golf Cradle is a great product, and given the number of people with clubs banging about in their trunks, the company should sell millions of them.

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