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The Golf Cradle works. It is undisputable the Golf Cradle will effectively protect the golfers’ clubs, thereby protecting the economic value and integrity of the clubs, in addition to mitigating game strokes.

The Golf Cradle is a patented protected product.


We've all been there. You're driving down the road, you turn the corner and you hear your clubs slide in the back of your car and slam into the side. Those days are over. The Golf Cradle was made specifically for golfers who "Take pride in their golf clubs." All you do is lay the Cradle in the back of your car. The Golf Cradle keeps the heads elevated off the floor which reduces head and shaft damage. Once the bag is placed into the Golf Cradle, the arms automatically close, grasping the bag. A strap with a buckle secures the clubs in place. The Golf Cradle stores easily in your truck, and if you leave your clubs in the truck, its the best way to keep them protected.

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You love golf. You spare no cost when it comes to your equipment; Titanium Drivers, Cavity Back Irons, etc. If it can save you strokes, it’s in your bag. Considering how much you invest in your clubs, shouldn’t you be doing everything you can to protect them? The Golf Cradle is a breakthrough golf club protector designed to safeguard your clubs as you transport them to and from the golf course.

As we all lay our clubs in the trunk of our car or SUV during transporting, over time they will become damaged (bent or impaired) from the continual impact against each other, and the vehicle floor. This constant abuse will only continue to weaken your clubs each time you drive. Damaged clubs decreases the consistency of your game (by adding strokes) – this damage is not only obvious through the “nicks and chips” seen on the shafts and heads, but also through the unseen bending and weakening of shafts not visible to the naked eye.

The Golf Cradle unequivocally prevents damage to your clubs by safely securing and suspending the heads off the trunk floor, eliminating any impact whatsoever. Once placed in the trunk of your car or the back of your SUV, the Golf Cradle elevates the open-end of your bag and locks it in place preventing your clubs from sliding as you drive, eliminating the chance of head and shaft damage. Thus, the Golf Cradle keeps your valuable equipment performing at its best - round after round. The Golf Cradle is an inexpensive and intelligent solution to protect your most valuable golf investment….Your Golf Clubs.

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