Reviews and Testimonials

The Golf Blogger

"The Golf Cradle is easily one of the two or three best golf accessories I’ve ever seen....and it works perfectly. The Golf Cradle is a great product, and given the number of people with clubs banging about in their trunks, the company should sell millions of them. "

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Buzzin Golf

"The Golf Cradle is a great way to look after your clubs while transporting them in your car. It is simple but effective."

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Golf Journeys

"We've all been there. You're driving down the road, you turn the corner and you hear your clubs slide in the back of your car and slam into the side. Those days are over. The Golf Cradle was made specifically for golfers who "Take pride in their golf clubs." All you do is lay the Cradle in the back of your car. The Golf Cradle keeps the heads elevated off the floor which reduces head and shaft damage. Once the bag is placed into the Golf Cradle, the arms automatically close, grasping the bag. A strap with a buckle secures the clubs in place. The Golf Cradle stores easily in your truck, and if you leave your clubs in the truck, its the best way to keep them protected. "

Golf Today - Charley Coppola

"If you take pride in your golf clubs, then the new Golf Cradle is made just for you. This handy little device will be welcomed to the golf market with open arms."

PGA Teaching Professional - Steven Tabone

"I love the golf cradle - with my clubs always in the car and me on the move, I am able to keep the clubs stable and away from other objects in the vehicle. It helps maintain the structure of my bag and allows the ease of access to the clubs without the hassle of throwing them around. For people on the move who play different courses around town - it is a must have item in your golf accessories. "

Florida, Tour Partners Maganzine, September - Leonard Feiner

"The Golf Cradle is easy to use and keeps the bag from shifting and bouncing around, which prevents damage to the club heads."

Burke, Virginia - Ed Johnson

"The Golf Cradle is a fabulous product! I have used it in the back of my minivan for 6 months and have never had the bag or the clubs move around on the flat surface behind the back seat. It is a one hand operation to remove the bag from the Golf Cradle. Returning the bag Golf Cradle is a snap! I have changed bags since I started using the Golf Cradle and the adjustment took seconds. Thanks for keeping my shafts straight and clubs secure!"